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Laser Cutting and Etching
  Adam Plastics can provide an in house Laser Cutting & Etching service, we have industrial lasers to cut the component, and laser engraving equipment to do the etching. You can come to us for the complete service - we engrave plastic, wood and lots of other materials to offer you a one-stop shop.

  Clients we deal with range from the individual wanting a unique gift to a Marketing Company requiring a full brand range for a major client.

Our Universal Laser has a sheet size of 1,200mm x 600mm and the potential of cutting up to 15mm thickness material producing intricate & accurate shapes. We can also etch pictures, illustrations, text, logo or simple graphic into acrylics, plastics & wood. Choose from our wide range of colours and thicknesses to suit your design and purpose.

Here are some of the advantages of Laser Cutting and Etching:

• The level of detail achievable is very high
• Laser Cutting & Etching is a "non contact" process meaning fragile materials can be used
• Photographic images can be engraved onto many materials
• Virtually any type of image can be used to produce the engraved part
• Laser Engraving is very
• No tooling costs
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